Pay only for results

Looking to acquire fresh client leads or increase sales? RevenueShark can help.

Advertisers only pay when results are delivered, in other words: performance marketing with RevenueShark is risk-free.

We manage affiliates for you

Affiliate Recruiting




Our network allows advertisers to leverage brands that generate sales without the pain of acquiring, training, managing and compensating them.

We manage and work with affiliates, partners, influencers, brands and our in-house marketing team to drive sales for your business.

Qualified affiliates only

We focus on quality rather than quantity when acquiring affiliates.

RevenueShark prides itself in working with results-driven affiliates with high quality and high volume traffic.

10+ years experience

Our founder, Stephen Selao, began as an affiliate himself and later, he built start-ups that leveraged the traffic generated by affiliates.

After over a decade of experience, our founder decided to combine his affiliate and advertising knowledge to create a private affiliate network: RevenueShark.

Establishing trust

The biggest problem in affiliate marketing is trust between affiliate and advertiser.

Some of the most common concerns are: traffic quality, affiliate compliance, potential refunds, communication with affiliates…

We eliminate those concerns by offering a robust tracking system, actively monitoring affiliate activity and managing affiliates.

High quality leads and sales

The Cost-Per-Action (CPA) model allows advertisers to only pay for real leads and sales that can be verified and validated later on.

Multiple Traffic Sources:
Search Engine

Full service

Once the tracking system, commissions and program details are all set up, there is little to no maintenance needed for advertisers.

We take care of the heavy lifting – advertisers only need to focus on what they do best: managing their business.

Let us handle the hard part of affiliate marketing to your advantage!